East West Cuisine

The chef-driven menu highlights seasonal ingredients in simple, handcrafted dishes served straight from our kitchen.

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Garlic Cheese Melt $8.90

Toasted bread with freshly made garlic and herb butter topped with momozzarella cheese (2pcs)

Garlic Bread $6.90

Toasted Garlic Bread (2pcs)

Potato Wedges  $7.90

Seasoned and cooked until golden brown

Southern Fried Chicken Wings  $13.90

Served with sweet sauce and aioli

Salt 'n' Pepper Squid $13.90

Tender squid battered in a salt and pepper coating, served with salad and tartare sauce

Mixed Entrée $13.90

1pc Jumbo spring roll, 2 pcs dim sum, 2pcs fish cake

Bucket of prawns (400g) $29.95

Served with house made cocktail sauce

Soup of the Moment  $6.90

Served with bread roll and butter

Bowl of Chips $5.90




Greek Salad  $12.95

Mixed lettuce, cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, Spanish onions and French dessing


Thai Beef Salad  $15.90

Marinated beef strips tossed with cucumber, Spanish onions, shallots, corriander, tomatoes, basil leaves, lettuce and lime juice


Caesar Salad  $13.95

Made with freshest of ingredients. A mix of cos lettuce, bacon, shaved parmesan cheese, croutons and our very own homemade Caesar dressing

Add Grilled Chicken + $5

Garden Salad. $9.90

Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, Spanish onions with a dash of balsamic vinaigrette


Vegetarian Supreme $18.80​

Grilled eggplant, zucchini, marinated artichokes, roasted capsicum, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes on a tomato base, topped with pesto and mozzarella cheese

Meat Lovers  $19.90

Chicken, beef, salami, bacon and onions on a BBQ base toped with 100% Australian mozzarella cheese

Tandoori Chicken $19.90

Home cooked chicken roasted in a tandoori spices on a tomato base, topped with coriander, feta and mozzarella cheese topped with ranch dressing


Hawaiian  $18.80

Ham, pineapple and mushrooms on a tomato base topped with 100% Australian mozzarella cheese

Supreme $21.90

Salami, pepperoni, Cabanossi, anchovies, olives, capsicum, mushrooms and onions on a tomato base topped with chipotie sauce and mozzarella cheese

Seafood Marinara  $22.90

King prawns, mussels and seafood extender, tomatoes & onions on a tomato base garnished with fresh herbs topped with mozzarella cheese and Aioli




Chicken Schnitzel  $18.90

Juicy chicken breast covered with golden bread crumb served with crispy chips and fresh garden salad

Chicken Parmigiana  $20.90

Chicken breast covered with golden bread crumb, topped with tomato sauce, grilled eggplant and mozzarella cheese. Served with crispy chips and garden salad

Grilled Fish of the Day  $19.90

Served with seasonal vegetables, chips and hollandaise sauce

Beer Battered Fish & Chips $15.90

Angus Beef Burger $15.90

Roast of the Day $16.90

Served with pumpkin, chat potato, seasonal vegetables and homemade gravy


T-Bone Steak (400g)  $25.90

Scotch Fillet (300g)  $26.90

Crumbed Lamb Cutlets (3 pcs)  $26.90

Mixed Grill (steak, lamb chop, sausage, bacon)  $26.90

Surf & Turf (Steak and Prawns)  $27.90

All steaks are served with chips, salad or steamed vegetables and your choice of one sauce


Mushroom I  Pepper  I  Gravy  I  Bernaise




Your choice of Penne or Spaghetti pasta

Bolognese  $19.95

made with our traditional recipe


Carbonara $19.95

This Creamy Carbonara is heavenly, creamy pasta with crispy pancetta, mushroom, onion in a creamy and cheesy sauce

Seafood Marinara  $25.95

A delicious seafood marinara is sure to please, with a mix of different seafoods including prawns, mussels, calamari and fish


Combination Fried Rice  $16.95

Chicken or Beef stir-fry with black bean or satay sauce  $17.95


Stir-fried noodles:

Chicken  $17.95

Beef  $17.95

Prawn  $19.95

Steamed Rice $2.80


California Roll (5pcs)  $8.95

Salmon Sushi (4pcs)  $11.95

Tempura Prawn Sushi (4pcs)  $14.95

Bento Box (see daily specials)from $19.95




Includes FREE ice cream 

Chicken nuggets and chips  $8.90

Battered Fish and chips  $8.90

Cheese burger with fries  $8.90

Calamari and chips  $8.90


Ham and Cheese $5.95

Ham, cheese and tomato $5.95

Egg and lettuce $5.95

Salad Sandwich $5.95

Chicken, cheese & avocado on Turkish Bread $9.95

Bacon and Egg Roll $9.95

Club Sandwich $9.95

Toasted + $1


Cappuccino $3.95


Flat White $3.95


Café Latte $3.95


Chai Latte $3.95

Mocha $3.95

Espresso $3.95

Long Black $3.95

Iced Latte $7.75

Iced Chocolate $7.75

Milk Shake $

Make it a Mug + $1

Extra Shot, Syrup, or Soy Milk   + $1

Gravy, sour cream, or sweet chilli sauce + $1.50


Macaroon $2.50

Tiramisu $6.95

Pavlova $6.95

Chocolate Mud cake $6.95

Churros with chocolate dipping sauce $6.95

FAMOUS Belgian Waffle $7.95

Pancakes (2 pcs) served with ice cream, cream and maple syrup $6.95

Cheese Cake $6.95

Black Forest $6.95

Raisin Toast with butter $2.95

Banana Bread $3.95

Muffin $3.95

All desserts are served with ice cream and freshly whipped cream


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